Meet The Trustees

There are Four Trustees of The Nightingale Walk:

Ian Marsden

Ian is the manager of The Nightingale Pub. If you have any questions about the Walk, don’t hesitate to pop in to the Pub and talk to Ian.

Dave Holley

Dave on the right at the post-walk barbecue
Dave on the right at the post-walk barbecue

Dave qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte in London many years ago and is Treasurer of The Nightingale Walk. He lives within 150 paces of the pub and trains for the Walk by walking that distance very quickly several times a week.

Pete Edwards

Pete has walked the Nightingale Walk for many a year and specialises in pushing a pram round the course. He joined the organising team in 2017. Pete believes that hydration is key to a successful walk.

Clare Holley

Clare also joined the orgainsing team in 2017. She has run the first checkpoint at Hampton for the last few years and is renowned for the banana bread she bakes for the walkers.

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