You can reach us in the following ways

Pop into see Ian Marsden at The Nightingale Pub or call him at 020 8673 1637

Alternatively, send us an email to

8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi, can I check if you need to pay to enter or can I just register and start raising money for Pauls Cancer Centre?

    1. No – the walk is free. Pease just register and start raising money. Good luck on Saturday!

    1. Hi – I will run a report from Just Giving and send to Paul’s (and the other charities) so that they can see. Good luck next Saturday!

  2. Hello
    I just went to the JustGIving page and it is only showing 2017 messages and donations. I am a bit confused as I want to put a link to it on my mailout to potential sponsors.

    1. Sorry about that Caroline – I have now updated the page. Its fixed now. Good luck with the fundraising.

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