The Route


We realise that not everybody – including dogs and small children – can manage a full twenty mile course so we have three staggered starts from which to begin the journey.

1) The longest walk is from Walton-on-Thames railway station and is a twenty mile route. The walk begins at 9am and this checkpoint will be manned from 8:30am to 9.15am.

There is an intermediary checkpoint at Hampton Court after four miles of walking to refuel on food and drink provided there (sixteen miles still to go). This checkpoint closes at 11:30am.

2) There is a second starting line at the Kingston checkpoint – which kicks off a thirteen mile route. The checkpoint opens at 10am so you can start from here at that point (and it closes at 12:30pm)

There is another checkpoint at Ham after ten miles of walking which marks the half way point of the full length walk – ten miles to go. More food and drink for walkers. This checkpoint closes at 1.30pm.

3) There is a final micro-route which starts at Richmond and is a mere seven and a half miles. It opens at noon so you can start from here at that point (and it closes at 2:30pm)

The penultimate checkpoint with more food & drink is at Kew Bridge. There are four and a half miles remaining at this point. The checkpoint closes at 3:30pm.

The final watering hole is the checkpoint at Barnes which is only two miles from the finishing line. This checkpoint closes at 4:30pm.

And when you have reached Putney you have done it! Mission accomplished. Walk over. (The checkpoint closes at 5:30pm)

Transport is provided at Putney to return finishers to the Nightingale Pub where tasty sustenance is provided for all walkers – and its on the house!

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