Welcome to The Nightingale Walk

Support for The 2020 Nightingale Walk comes from Westside Scout Group (Scouts, Cubs, Beavers).

In a fit of untypical forward planning we have already set the date for next year’s walk which will be held on Saturday June 6th 2020. Please put this in your diaries!

We will start from Walton on Thames station at 9am. There are other starting points where you can join the walk later in the morning. Full details are here. 

2020 will be the 42nd consecutive Nightingale Walk, one of the longest-running (albeit at walking pace) community charity events in the country!

You can register to take part in the Walk by the Thames here

And you can donate money to our good causes by supporting a walker using Paypal here

Click HereIt’s hard to believe that local people from in and around the Nightingale Lane area in Wandsworth have been pounding the path in aid of good causes since October 1979, raising little short of a staggering £500,000 so far.

Our aim is to raise £10,000 in 2020 to support initiatives and organisations that improve the lives of disadvantaged people and build community spirit in the Wandsworth area. You can see the good causes that we support here.

Indeed walkers on the earliest walks – set up by a determined trio of regulars from The Nightingale pub (which is the heart of the area) in response to the Oxfam Cambodia Famine Appeal five whole years before Bob Geldof set up Band Aid – could themselves be forgiven for staggering by the end of what was once a gruelling 46 mile trek from Croydon to Brighton,often alongside a busy road.

Today the Nightingale Walk is much more of a family affair, mostly tracing the mostly pastoral and picturesque route of the River Thames tow-path in south-west London.

Walkers these days have a choice of three starting points from which they can stride forward to a heroic reception as they cross the finishing line at Putney. We realise that not everybody – including dogs and small children – can manage a full twenty mile course so we have three staggered starts from which to begin the journey.

1) The longest walk is from Walton-on-Thames  and is a twenty mile route.

2) There is an intermediate starting point at Kingston which kicks off a thirteen mile route

3) There is also a micro-route which starts at Richmond and is a mere seven and a half miles.

Transport is provided at Putney to return finishers to The Nightingale pub where tasty sustenance is provided for all walkers – and its on the house!

So if you want to have a great day out while enjoying healthy exercise and helping others, we would love you to join us for The Nightingale Walk.

We hope you decide to do so and help us raise the next £500,000 to support initiatives and organisations that improve the lives of disadvantaged people and build community spirit in the Wandsworth area.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed in the past and will do so in the future!

Dave Holley, Pete Edwards, Clare Holley & Ian Marsden
(The organising team)

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi, I made a donation to Anne Gale who is doing the Walk on behalf of Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, but am not sure if I made this clear when I donated! Please can you make sure my donation goes to her cause please. Thanks
    June Marriott
    Donation no. 123563792

    1. Sorry for the confusion, June. Yes I can see that your donation is specifically for Paul’s and I will make sure it goes to the. Thanks for your support.

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